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BC Hunting License 2017

Hunting Licenses Now Paperless

As of April 1, 2017 hunting licenses in the province are going paperless and there’s also a slight change to resident hunter numbers.

Paper forms of resident hunting licences and other non-species licences like youth, initiation and special area licences will be eliminated, according to a release from the province.

Species licences are changing as well. Those bought online will be mailed, but they can also be purchased right away at Service B.C. and FrontCounter B.C. locations.

Hunting licences are available at Service B.C. locations, certain sporting goods stores and at FrontCounter B.C. locations starting May 15.

All hunters are required to carry photo identification and species licences while hunting. Hunters must cancel the licence by notching it when an animal is harvested.
Starting April 10, Conservation Officers will be able to check a hunter’s registry and information out in the field with a mobile app.

The release says a BCeID is needed to purchase a hunting licence online. The BCeID gives access to other provincial programs and services. It’s also linked to individual fish and wildlife profiles on the B.C. Hunting online service.

Hunters also need to be aware that B.C. resident hunter numbers are being replaced with the Hunters Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID). Hunters need a FWID to buy hunting licences. The FWID is linked to a hunter’s personal online profile that keeps details about credentials, licences, and LEH applications.

For people who already have hunter numbers, the FWID will be the same number with three new digits at the beginning, according to the release. The new FWIDs are available online or from ServiceBC or FrontCounter BC.

For more information or help with the new digital licences, click here.