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Hunting Courses FAQ

Q If I haven’t hunted for many years, but have an old hunting license, can I get a new one?
You must now have a Fish & Wildlife ID Number.  It is no longer a B.C. Hunter Number. There is no longer “Grandfathering” of your old hunting license.

Q If I held a valid hunting license in another province, can I get a Fish & Wildlife ID Number?
If you passed a “Hunter safety course” to obtain it, then yes, though you will have to provide proof of the course completion to our Government office “Service B.C.”. The Alberta “W.I.N.” card is not accepted, nor is the Quebec card. Persons from those provinces will have to take and pass the C.O.R.E. program to hunt in B.C.

Q How long is the course?
The course requires about 22 hrs. of instruction, if presented the way it was designed for the Fish & Wildlife branch. This is the format that we use in our classes, and will prepare the student well for the testing.

Q Why are some classes shorter?
The course delivery is now managed by the B.C. Wildlife Federation, and there no longer strict course length guidelines. We do not “Short cut” our classes. You may find Quickie courses, but these are not recommended.

Q Are children allowed to hunt?
Yes. A Junior Hunting License is available for those ages 10 to 13 years of age. The parent or guardian must sign a letter of financial responsibility, in case the child does something wrong, and the young hunter must be closely supervised By an adult holding the proper licenses. You must have at least 3 years continuous and current hunting experience to be the supervisor.

Q When I turn 14 can I still hunt?
Once a youth turns 14, you can still hunt on a Junior License until 18.

Q Can I hunt on my own then?
The youth must still be accompanied by an adult holding the proper licenses.

Q Are courses available on line?
Yes, for those who prefer a correspondence course style format, and for those in remote areas. Fees are noted on the B.C. Wildlife Federation” website. You will still have to arrange for a “Live” Examiner to write the written test, and complete the practical hands-on firearms proficiency test. There will be an additional fee for these. Note: The practical firearms test is not necessary for those holding a valid PAL.

Q After course completion, how long does it take to get my hunting license?
After submitting your “Report form” (Record of successful course completion) to the B.C. Wildlife Federation, the turnaround time to get your certificate back is usually about 2 weeks. It is substantially quicker if you send additional money for them to Courier it to you. Then go to your local Service B.C. office to get your Fish & Wildlife ID, and proceed to a Sporting Goods store or sporting goods dept. and purchase your hunting license and tags.

Q How do I find out class dates, register for a class and make payment?
Go to our CLASS SCHEDULE and “Registration” page.

Q How do I pay for a class?
Cash payments may be made in person if you arrange a meeting though e-transfers are preferred. I have auto deposit.

Q How will I know that I am registered for a class?
You will be sent an email confirmation within a few days. Or we can advice via text message.

Q Where do I go for the classes?
Room 239 @1889 Springfield Road. Use the Spall Road entrance. I am located above the “Bulk food store”.

Q Cancellation policy
You may cancel within 2 weeks of a class date and receive a refund. After that class fees are generally not refundable, except under extenuating circumstances i.e.: death in the family.

Course Description

The C.O.R.E. Hunter Training course has 8 components:

  • Conservation
  • Ethics
  • Laws and regulations
  • Gun safety
  • Gun handling
  • Bird identification
  • Big Game identification
  • First aid and survival
  • A written test comprised of 70 multiple choice and true and false questions.
  • The passing mark is 80%
  • A practical test comprised of gun handling and ammunition identification.