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C.O.R.E (Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education) and P.A.L. (Possession And Acquisition License)

In this hunter training course the instructor inserts the Canadian Firearms Safety Course into the program, to get your PAL.

Those wishing to obtain their first resident hunting license, who are 14 years of age or over, must successfully complete the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (C.O.R.E.) program examinations.

A complete course of instruction in C.O.R.E. is now offered. The course will help prepare the student for the written examination and practical firearms safety test which is also provided. The graduate C.O.R.E student will be given the necessary course completion forms to receive the C.O.R.E certificate.

As well:
The Canadian Firearms Safety Course, generally those 18 and older, covers safe and proficient handling of all long guns (non-restricted) types of firearms (Long guns) and the laws pertaining to their use. This course prepares the student to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License for Non Restricted Weapons, a requirement for purchasing, inheriting or borrowing a firearms and buying ammunition.