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Trap Shooting Tips

We were chatting with a veteran high scoring trap shooter, Bill Coulthard and here are a few tips he provided.

A. Eye exercises – Practice using eyes only to look at three (3) separate objects without moving your head. Do this repeatedly as convenient.

B. Then do this with your gun (be sure it”s not loaded), dry firing on the third target. SHOOT twice, and keep gun moving.

C. When on the trap station, look into infinity, or at a distant object.

D. Identify the target with your eye first . . . it should look as big as a basketball . . . then move your head and gun . . . pull the trigger . . . AND KEEP FOLLOWING THROUGH – (Yes keep the gun going).

E. Periodically follow the chips to the ground. This stops your head lifting.

F. Here are links to some fun Trap Shooting tips:

Remington Training Video from the pastawesome!


Rick Mercer visits Gibsons, BC and is taught to shoot from the best – six-time Olympian Susan Nattrass


Susan Nattrass seven-time Women’s World Trapshooting Champion and six-time Olympian shares some thoughts on YouTube


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